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Top florist and design studio was founded in spring 2010. It has been engaged in design, fashion, floristry and interiors. The studio prides itself with creating beauty and unity of form while also taking great care with even the tiniest details.

· floristry

floral bouquets · floral sculptures and set pieces · exterior floristry

· fashion

all kinds of couture · evening dresses · wedding dresses · accessories

· interior

designing & making furniture and unique interior artifacts

about přemysl

Přemysl Hytych was born in Měnín and has been profesionally interested in floristry since mid-nineties when he started to build up his career to become the top florist he is today. He draws his inspiration from all kinds of areas and has a purity and balance, a feeling for colour and a keen eye for detail that is unrivalled in his country. He also has a wonderful romantic sense of the gothic and the dramatic.

Premysl‘s work is highly acclaimed and he has won many national and international prizes. A high point was representing the Czech Republic at The Europa Cup in 2007. For him this was the moment his work grew into it’s own individual style and became what it is now.



„He is part of the floristry elite in the Czech Republic. His work is more than floristry, it is pure design, and it is art.
Premsyl takes his inspiration from his homeland and from his surroundings, and the lines, forms and structures he sees around him are echoed in his work.
When I look at what he creates I am transported to world of purity and of beauty by the scents, the sights and the feel of his incredible desgins... If I sound over-the-top you haven’t seen his work!“

Róbert Bartolen, florist and fashion designer, Slovak Republic


„His work, like his personality, is a mixture of taste, unique creativity and mystery. No one piece of his art is the same as another and all of it is made with enormous passion.
Thinking especially about his floristry – there is a very visible connection to the world of the plant. He captures every living detail and makes something almost other-worldly and fantastic. In his fashion design his love for women shines through and he celebrates and elevates them with what he creates. The clothes are exciting to wear: sexy, fun, stylish and, that word again, unique. So, thank you, Přemysl.“

Martina Rubačová, garden designer, Czech Republic

in dates…

2010 - till presence florist of wholesale flowers STORGE, Czech Republic
2010 designer of french luxury accesories brand SIA, Czech Republic
2009 - 2010 florist and sales of wholesale flowers FLEURA, Czech Republic
2009 florist of flower studio in Notting Hill Gate, London
2003 - 2008 garden ingeneering, Mendel University Brno, Horticulture Faculty Lednice
1999 - 2005 florist of flower studios: Květiny pro Vás – Ludmila Palátová
Florissimo – Alice Rajnyšová
Květiny Martina Haraštová – Brno Židenice

1999 - 2003 High School of Holticulture Brno Bohunice


2011 Flora Bratislava 1st place, Modern Baroque theme
2010 Flora Bratislava 1st place, Futurism theme
Děčínská kotva
Alpe Adria Cup, Austria

2009 Děčínská kotva, Champion of Czech Floristry
2008 Děčínská kotva 3rd place, senior category
Exhibition for Flower Council Holland
2007 European Championship in Floristry – Slovenia 13th place
Děčínská kotva 2nd place,
nomination to represent Czech Republic on European Championship in Floristry
Brněnská růže, 1st place, senior category, Theatre theme
Brněnská růže, price of public

2006 Flora Olomouc, 1st place, senior category, Birthday boy/girl theme
Děčínská kotva 1st and 2nd place, Flower fabion theme
Flora Olomouc 1st place, senior category, Spliced containers for autumnal decorations theme
téma Sesazované nádoby pro podzimní dekoraci
Victoria Regia, Slovakia
Brněnská růže 3rd place, senior category

2005 Flora Olomouc 1st place, senior category, Horse carriage arranging theme
Flora Olomouc 1st place, senior category, Chrysanthemum – Queen of autumn category
Brněnská růže 2nd place, senior category
Brněnská růže, senior category, price of public

2004 Brněnská růže 3rd place, senior category
Brněnská růže senior category, price of public

2003 Advent and Christmas, Blumengrossmarkt, Wien
Brněnská růže senior category, price of public

2002 Děčínská kotva, 3rd place, junior category
Advent and Christmas Blumengrossmarkt, Wien
Brněnská růže, junior category, price of public

2001 Flora Olomouc, 1st place, junior category, Wedding theme
Flora Olomouc 3rd place, junior category, Autumnal decoration theme


2007„Angel´s night“, Měnín – Town hall, graduation work on Christmas theme
2006„Christmas“, underground of Slavkov castle
2005„Spring and Easter“, Velešovice
2003 „Christmas tearoom“, High School of Horticulture Brno – Bohunice, graduation work on Christmas theme

publishing activities…

Author regularly publishes in floristic journals FLORISTIKA and PROFI FLORISTA

Flower arrangement in the book of Araik Galstyan"Flower design without borders", 2008, Russia

- floristry

invasive colonisation

arrangement for FLORISTIKA magazine, photo Břetislav Podolník 2012


arrangement for FLORISTIKA magazine, photo Břetislav Podolník 2011


photo Pavel Kučera 2010

gothic eden

arrangement for publication "Flower design without borders", author Araik Galstyan, 2008, photo Pavel Kučera 2007

spring 2011

arrangement for FLORISTIKA magazine, photo Břetislav Podolník 2011


arrangement for PROFI FLORISTIKA 01/2009 magazine, Spring celebration, photo Miroslav Mokoš 2009
arrangement for FLORISTIKA magazine, photo Pavel Kučera 2010
arrangement for PROFI FLORISTIKA 04/2009 magazine, Magic of Orient, photo Miroslav Mokoš 2009
arrangement for FLORISTIKA magazine, photo Pavel Kučera 2010

spring celebration

arrangement for PROFI FLORISTA magazine, photo Pavel Kučera 2010

winter inspiration storge

arrangement for FLORISTIKA magazine, photo Pavel Kučera 2010

trade show zelený svět 2011

Presentation of the floristry studio on trade show Zelený Svět Brno 2011, photo Břetislav Podolník 2011

- fashion


Spring collection of wedding dresses and bridal bouquets 2012,
photo Břetislav Podolník, makeup Petra Matýšková,
hair stiling Pavlína Šrubařová, model Marie Veselovská

Small Big Warriors

Photo Petr Volgemut 2011, Green World 2011, models and team...

Strength, motherhood, toughness, softness, nonchalance, artifice, sophistication, seduction, aggressiveness, elegance, sensuality .... . Fascinating attributes belonging to all women. Women who use these attributes to win their everyday small personal or big social battles. Fight for herself, for her children and loved ones. For her position in society, for her dreams and goals.

A collection of six models represents woman as a warrior defending her rights. Warrior using attributes to achieve the desired. Each model represents a particular attribute. Deliberately they are not assigned to individual models so as anybody using their own imagination and fantasy can create their own view of the feminine attribute.

Exalt yourselves every woman I see her silhouette - the complexity of the line, I feel the smell and I am convinced of her inner strength. Without exception are women Small - Big Warriors.

Sans souffle

photo Pavel Kučera 2010, models Eva Bayerová, Jitka Bajerová, make-up Petra Matýšková, dress, hair, arrangement and general styling Přemysl Hytych

Orin – Europa Cup 2007

photo Vít Michálek, Eva Bayerová 2007, models Martina Rubačová, make-up, dress, hair, arrangement and general styling Přemysl Hytych

- interior

Showroom Bažant Interiér

photo Pavel Kučera 2010

Autumn inspiration storge

arrangement for FLORISTIKA magazine, photo Pavel Kučera 2010

Lunar – Fair green world 2010

photo Pavel Kučera 2010

- accessories


photo Břetislav Podolník 2011

news & events


- within Fleura Czechia s.r.o. Brno - Horní Heršpice, starts at 10am, admission free.
Performing Přemysl Hytych and top slovak florist Robert Bártolen.


- new wedding inspirations presented by leaders of Czech and Slovak floristic scene Přemysl Hytych and Róbert Bartolen within CUREL s.r.o. company, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, more info HERE


events archive

exhibition for flower council of holland

photo Flower Council of Holland 2008


- flower workshop on 19th of February 2012 in Žilina, Slovakia, more informations HERE


- International floristry competittion with participation of florists under age of 30 years on "Leonardo Da Vinci Bouquet". FESTIVAL DEI FIORI, La Venaria Reale, Torino 16.-18.3.2012.
More informations HERE or www.lavenaria.it


MAGAZINE FLORISTIKA PLUS 04/2012 ... Invasive colonisation
MAGAZINE PROFI FLORISTA 04/2010, Alpe Adria Cup, Austria
MAGAZINE PROFI FLORISTA 03/2010, Professional florist show on Flora Bratislava „Futurism“
MAGAZINE FLORISTIKA 04/2009, Děčínská kotva, Czech Rep. champion in floristry
MAGAZINE PROFI FLORISTA 04/2009, Přemysl Hytych´s Variation for autumn trend
Profi Floristy „Magic of orient“
MAGAZINE PROFI FLORISTA 01/2009, Spring celebration by Přemysl Hytych
MAGAZINE FLORISTIKA 04/2008, Děčínská kotva, 3th. place in senior categhory
Kolekce NOSTALGIA soubor ke stažení/ downloadKolekce NOSTALGIA soubor ke stažení/ downloadKolekce NOSTALGIA soubor ke stažení/ download

Kolekce FORTITUDE, obrázek ke stažení / download

Kolekce CYCLAMENY, obrázek ke stažení / download

Kolekce JARO 2011, obrázek ke stažení / downloadKolekce JARO 2011, obrázek ke stažení / download

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photo Břetislav Podolník 2011; models Martina Rubačová; make-up Petra Matýšková TX salon; dress, hair, arrangement and general styling Přemysl Hytych, lights Přemysl Hytych, Facebook profile, webdesign www.janmdesign.cz